11 Aug 2017

Madden 18… I know we’re looking forward to it. By now I’m sure everyone has seen the cover and it’s the legendary Tom Brady (love him or hate, the man wins). There are a lot of rumors going around and we’ve heard a lot from both reliable and official sources. Below are our favorite things we’ve heard and know are legit.

1. Those who subscribe to Xbox Access will get a 10 hour preview of the game on August 17.

2. For the first time Madden will run on the Frostbite engine and it makes a difference!

3. There will be a story mode. The story mode is called “Longshot” and from what we’re hearing it sounds similar to FIFA 17’s “The Journey.” In the story of “Longshot” Devin Wade is a QB prospect that never made it to the NFL and is looking for a second chance and you need to bring if you’re gonna make it. “Longshot” will have multiple endings and not everyone will make it to the NFL.

4. Target passing, what were hearing from those who have tested it, it’s more realistic passing, but it is more challenging. This eliminates the old button-assigned passing and allows you to throw to a spot. The feature is optional so if you hate it like the we all did the vision cone from the 90’s, you can just turn it off.

5. There will now be off-ball injuries to add to the realistic play of the game.

We’ve heard more, things like new sideline interactions, improved zone coverage, 3 different game styles, and on and on. As the release date closes in we are getting more and more excited. Madden is a game that has always delivered and we can’t wait to try it out. What are you most looking forward to?


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