Razer’s Coolest Prototypes

A three-screen laptop! What a crazy, fun idea! Check out Project Valerie from Razer, it’s the world’s first automated triple display laptop. The new prototype is very different from the current Razer lineup. The Blade Pro is a very portable gaming laptop and the Blade Stealth is very sharp-looking while Project Valerie is big and bold for a laptop. Project Valerie is a three-screen laptop. YEAH! Three 4K screens for the ultimate immersive wide-screen gaming experience on a laptop.


The three-screens are 17in (43cm) in size and match what you’ll find on the Blade Pro GTX 1080, it has the same Razer-designed low-profile mechanical switches, and Chroma lighting. Each screen is a 4K IGZO display powered by Nvidia’s G-Sync monitor technology to ensure multi-display action with a resolution of 11520×2160. The screens automatically position and align correctly with the main screen. The two screens retract into slots behind the main display when stowed.

Once in position they form a complete 180 degrees of viewing pleasure. Project Valerie’s multiple screens allow people the ability to multitask projects or play games. The laptop is semi-portable at 1.5 inches thick and weighs about 10-12 pounds.

Sadly, Razer has not yet published a possible release date, full specifications or price. That’s because Project Valerie is still a prototype and no one really knows if it will ever make it to the market. But let’s just say that after building this beautiful laptop, work out an awesome battery life and put it on the market. How much would you pay for one? How much is too much? Let’s guess a price point. If we look at the price of the Blade Pro which STARTS at $3,499 we can make an educated guess of anywhere between $5,000-$6,000.


Some genius or geniuses, stole Project Valerie prototypes at CES 2017. How does this happen? Were the camera not on? Was this a publicity stunt? No real details have been shared about the incident and there are so many questions with no real answers. Razer offered a $25,000 reward for information leading to the apprehension of the thief or thieves.

However, the prototypes have been listed for sale on the Chinese website Taobao, which is a Chinese shopping website like eBay and Amazon. The company should be able to track the laptops down from there and get them back.


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