26 Jan 2017
Rivet City Limited
Rivet City Limited just reviewed Gamergy and what a great review it is! Thanks guys, you’re awesome. Below is the first couple paragraphs of their review, but click the link to read the full article on their site and don’t forget to like them on FaceBook…
Wow, an energy drink that doesn’t have all that garbage in it?  You’re saying I can fuel up and not worry about crashing later mid-stream?  Something I can take on the go AND it tastes good?  I’d like a thousand, please!
Gamergy is a fantastic local company based out of Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  They make this delicious energy drink that’s inspired by a need and desire for a solid energy drink for the nerdy community.  This drink is designed from the bottom up for all of us geeks out there.  How?  All that energy is coming from not sugar and caffeine, but all of the B vitamins and D-Ribose (a simple sugar molecule used by athletes to improve ability) to keep you going for long gaming sessions so you don’t crash mid-team fight.  It doesn’t stop there, as it comes in bottle form so that you’re not afraid to knock it over when you quickly move your mouse.  There are even hidden clues on the bottle labels themselves!  Things like that tell me that they really thought of the core values that gamers care about when they built this thing.  And it comes in four flavors!
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