The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t seen The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere and don’t want it spoiled, stop reading NOW!

Eeny, meeny miny, moe, catch a tiger by the toe… Who did Negan kill?

That was the question, after six long months of waiting and playing the guessing game with everyone online. The Walking Dead Sunday night premiere finally revealed Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Lucille’s (Negan’s infamous baseball bat) victims. That’s right there where victims not one, but two deaths. First lets take a look at how season 6 ended with the introduction of Negan, the new gruesome villain who had Rick and the group captured, completely surrounded and on their knees. The season ended with the horrific death scene of Negan beating the living lights out of one of Rick’s friends. But who was it?! Season 6 ended on a cliffhanger that left a lot of unhappy and furious fans waiting for six months.

Although the Internet buzzed with clues and opinions on who Negan killed, no one really suspected they were going to kill off two members of Rick’s group that night. Everyone was so busy and focused on “the one” member, who it was and why? So, who was the one at the receiving end of Lucille’s deathblows? Well, that was Abraham, “taking it like a champ” as Negan said as he continued to swing away at Abraham. Leaving the ten remaining characters shaken and mortified by their friend’s brutal murder. But just as fans take a breath to cope with the brutally gruesome murder of Abraham, just when you think no one else is going to die, and just when you think the rest of the crew will survive this horrible night. Negan takes his second victim, Glenn! Glenn’s death is punishment for Daryl attacking Negan. Glenn’s pregnant wife Maggie along with the other characters are forced to watch as Glenn takes his last breath “Maggie, I’ll find you.” Although we had had six months to emotionally prepare ourselves with the loss of a major character, I don’t think anyone really knew or expected two major characters to be killed at the very beginning of the season. The episode was sad and gorey to watch for many fans and like true fans do, they expressed their hurt feelings all over social media.

Although Glenn was killed by Negan in the comic book, I still could not believe they killed him like that. The episode continues with Rick threatening to kill Negan. Negan responds by tormenting Rick with his axe and zombies. Negan then threatens to kill everyone unless Rick cuts off Carl’s arm. With no way out Rick raises the axe only to be stopped by Negan. Why? Because Negan had gotten what he wanted, he had broken Rick. The Saviors with orders from Negan take Daryl as hostage, just in case Rick’s group disobeys their demands. The group is then left on their knees to deal with the corpses of their dead friends and all of us fans are left wondering who Rick and company are going to get out of this.


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