18 Oct 2016
Adventure Time

Oh my glob is right, LSP. Cartoon Network has announced the end of their animated series Adventure Time. The Emmy-winning animated series will be coming to an end officially after season 9 in the year of 2018. Fans everywhere are sad to hear the news.

If you’re a fan or just happened to watch the show once, you know Adventure Time is no ordinary kids cartoon. That’s because the show is secretly for adults (not really a secret). The show itself is an ingenious creation, with fun, diverse characters with brilliant writing and story telling. The main charters are Finn and Jake the talking dog who is yellow and able to shape-shift. The show is mainly about Finn who is the last human in the mystical Land of Ooo, and his best friend Jake the dog going on wild adventures to protect the citizens of Ooo, who range anywhere from candy people, vampires, people made of lemons, various princesses, and magical creatures. With so many amusing characters and fun personalities, it’s easy to see why kids and adults fell in love with the show.

With Characters like Lumpy Space Princess, Beemo, Marceline, Ice King, and Gunter to name a few, it didn’t take long for the show to establish a place of relevance in pop culture. A unique, creative and fan culture evolved around the show with merchandise, comics, video games, cosplays, art, and art exhibitions. It’s amazing to see how much this kids cartoon has inspired so many people all over the world. The show coming to an end is a huge bummer for fans but all good things come to an end.

It’s not all sad news, don’t forget about Finn and Jake’s biggest journey yet, the big screen. That’s right, you know what time it is, it’s movie time for the two best friends. Warner Bros. Pictures is developing a full-length Adventure Time movie said to be released 2017. Who’s excited to watch it? I know I am. Comment below and share what you think will happen in the movie.



  1. Carmine Crincoli says:

    I wanna see an Adventure Time movie happen in Summer 2017! Yes please!!

  2. Carmine Crincoli says:

    I want the Adventure Time movie to happen!!

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